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Registered company auditors


Registered company auditors

As a registered club or incorporated entity that works with other people’s money and assets, you’ll need to be audited to prove to the law as well as to your investors that you’re not abusing what you’re managing. For this, you need assistance from a registered company auditor like Stephenson Partners. We perform full-range audits for clubs, centres, facilities and organisations as well as individual clients. If you’re any one of the following, we can assist you:

  • SMSF fund manager or administrator
  • Registered Club
  • Indigenous medical centre
  • Catholic School
  • Incorporated entity
  • Body Corporate
  • Australian Financial Services Licensee
  • Controlled foreign corporation
  • Not-for-profit

Benefits Of Comprehensive Auditing

An audit does more than meet your obligations to the law. By being able to prove that your organisation’s financial claims are fair and legal, you give current and potential investors assurance that their investment into your organisation will be worthy of their time and money. This is especially important for start-ups and small businesses if the owners are looking for outside investors as well as if you’re going to apply for a loan. Both banks and investors are careful about choosing whom to fund and who not to. 

Investors are not the only parties interested in the finances of a business. If you’re selling your company, going through a merger, or hiring a new director, a thorough audit will show them that you’re in a good and stable financial position and not in danger of bankruptcy and failure.

Our Auditing Process

During the auditing process, we’ll evaluate your organisation's  internal workings and recommend changes to make concerning the authorisation of financial transactions. We’ll work together with your procedures and processes, getting everything into place so that you can audit-proof your organisation. We ensure that there’s no misuse of funds and that no employee has unauthorised access to critical accounts.

We’ll go through every statement with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that your funds are being spent and allocated correctly and that incoming and outgoing funds match up. This will assist your business in creating a culture of accountability, goal setting and risk reduction – discouraging fraud and theft.

Stephenson Partners is your registered company auditing solution in Australia. We are more than happy to assist you in fulfilling your legal obligations and keeping your internal and external stakeholders happy. For comprehensive auditing services that you can rely on, contact us today.

"More than just tax"

What do we mean by this? At Stephenson Partners, we're committed to creating better businesses, not just filing tax. We value the relationships we build with our clients, working with them constantly to improve their businesses financial workings.

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